Quarter Sheet - Stainless Steel Trays (304 SS)


Includes 5 quarter-sheet metal trays

Material: stainless steel

Dimensions: 9" x 13" 

These stainless steel trays fit perfectly in every Blue Alpine freeze dryer. Being stainless steel, they are incredibly durable, long-lasting, and warp resistant. 

Since these trays are standard-sized, replacements can be found anywhere online or in person at any retail store that sells baking supplies. We suggest using silicone mats with these metal trays in order to prevent food from sticking. Less cleaning, more freeze-drying! 

*includes 5 trays only, silicone mats sold separately 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Liz Childers
Blue Alpine Freeze Dryer Trays

I am impressed with the BA stainless steel trays. Good solid feel and weight. So glad I purchased an extra set.

Melissa Miller
Amazing Trays and Liners

Awesome quality trays and liners, clean easily! Sturdy and well made!

Pam Westbrook
Nice to have more than a couple sets!

Got the order quickly!