Premium Freeze Dryer Vacuum Pump - 8 CFM


This 8.0 CFM freeze dryer vacuum pump comes included with any purchase of a Blue Alpine freeze dryer. The pump is highly reliable, spark-less, and safe for indoor use.  The combination of a brushless motor and dual cylinders allows this vacuum pump to deliver rapid evacuation and high ultimate vacuum. An internal anti-backflow valve prevents oil backflow and automatically seals the system to preserve the vacuum at the end of the cycle.  


  • 13.9 x 5.4 x 12.3 in
  • 8.0 CFM/4L flow
  • Double Stage Rotary Vane
  • Power: 115V / 60Hz - 1Hp
  • Brushless Motor (increased longevity)
  • Compression Fitting: 1/2" hose barb to 1/2" male NPT
  • Analog vacuum gauge built into the pump



This vacuum pump can be used for any freeze dryer, including as a replacement for the Harvest Right premier pump. 

Simply take the fitting off the old Harvest Right pump and install it on this pump. The threads on the housing are the same. Once the fitting is ready to be installed ensure that all surfaces are cleaned thoroughly. You will also need to apply some purple Loctite thread locker which is a nonpermanent thread sealant.  This works as a great thread sealer. Blue Loctite will work but is harder to remove.  Do not use Teflon tape as this will cause a leak.  


One Year Warranty 

If the pump fails within a year of purchase, we will replace it.


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