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Freeze-dried food retains up to 90% of it's nutritional value, while other drying methods, like dehydrating, will destroy nutrients and are often not shelf-stable.

Nutritional value, retained flavor, and prolonged shelf life all make freeze-dried foods perfect for emergency preparedness, hiking, food storage, pet food, snacks, and more.

Why Blue Alpine?

  • Cooling Capacity

    Our freeze dryers have a higher cooling capacity than other similarly sized machines on the market allowing our machines to cool more food to as low as -40C.

  • Assembled in the USA

    Our machines are designed, developed, and manufactured in-house using a global supply chain. We build them from the ground up here in Idaho. We are working toward getting every part made here in the USA.

  • Faster Cycles

    Our machine's drying cycles are 25% quicker than the competition, saving you time and money.


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    Best customer service!
  • ★★★★★
    Way better. Very impressed
  • Korth Peterson
  • Chandler Cole

About Us

Here at Blue Alpine, we are dedicated to making freeze drying easy and accessible to everyone. We are a small team based in Idaho, hard at work designing and manufacturing.

Our store is still new, but we are 5 years into development on our freeze dryer. We have spent those years studying the competition and making improvements to our design.

We try to use the highest quality materials for our machines to help them last longer without maintenance. Because Blue Alpine is designed and made in the USA, our freeze dryers are one-of-a-kind.

We wanted to make a freeze-dryer that was easy to use and easy to maintain. Many of the parts are standardized, like the ½ inch hose which is available at your local Walmart or hardware store, making replacements quick and easy.