Medium Freeze Dryer



We've run out of inventory much quicker than expected (one of the best problems to have). We are sorry for any inconvenience, but we promise that we are hard at work resupplying in order to start machine production again. You can still order our machines but expect wait times up to 3-4 months.

Thank you for all the love and support!


If you're interested in freeze drying and you want to purchase the highest quality freeze dryer for home use, you've come to the right place! A freeze dryer is a large purchase/investment, so we've included many details below to help. It also comes with amazing customer service and support. 

What makes us Different:

Here at Blue Alpine, we are serious about three things: freeze dryers, quality, and customer service. We have spent the last five years researching, engineering, and testing our freeze dryers to make them the highest quality possible. 

A lot of minor improvements add up to a huge difference in quality and overall, a superior machine.
  • These are Built In Idaho with the highest quality components.  
  • Our refrigeration system uses Cubigel compressors, a trusted name brand with excellent quality and longevity.
  • 25% more cooling capacity, which translates to 25% faster batches.
  • A circulating fan inside the chamber blast-freezes the food, creating better quality food and faster freeze times. 
  • A P100 filter inside the chamber protects your vacuum pump from particulates, increasing the lifespan of the vacuum pump. 
  • The trays are a standard size (quarter sheet pan, 9x13), so you can easily buy more pans from your local stores. 
  • Smart software utilizes PID control technology and solid-state relays to accurately freeze-dry your food.
  • We use a natural refrigerant (R1270) that is future-proof, unlike R404 or R410 which will be discontinued soon.
  • On our machine, all vacuum fittings are barbed fittings. We do not use crimped fittings which are prone to vacuum leaks. 
  • We use thread-locker to seal all threads. We do not use Teflon Tape which is also leak-prone. 
  • The frame of our machines is made with extruded aluminum and is incredibly durable.  
  • Recipes built into the software allow you to optimize your freeze-drying cycles. Candy, for example, can get done in about 2 hours. Fruit, on the other hand, takes about 6-18 hours depending on the load. 

What is Included:

1x Medium Freeze Dryer 
1x Impulse Sealer
1x Premium Vacuum Pump + Oil
5x Stainless Steel Trays 
5x Silicone Mats 
50x Mylar Bags 
50x Oxygen Absorbers 
Lifetime of Good Customer Service!

  • Overall Machine Size: 20" x 21" x 30", 110 lbs
  • Up to 15lbs of food per cycle
  • 5 trays (standard 9x13 inch)
  • Average freeze-drying cycles take 12-20 hours 
  • Candy Mode: 2-4 hours for most candies
  • Plexiglass Door Thickness: 1 inch
  • 120V, 15A Breaker (Normal Wall Outlet) 
  • 13 Amps Maximum Power Draw (1560W max)
  • 9.0 Amps Average Power Draw (1080W average)


Payment Program 

Email us about our 2-12 month payment program.  Buy a freeze dryer today and choose a payment plan that works for you. 



  • 1-year full warranty
  • 3-year limited warranty  

Color: Black

Medium Freeze Dryer - Black is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Paul and Nancy
Reliable Freeze Dryer by an American company

Thank you Cory for some of the best corporate customer service we've ever received. We have been on this earth for a few decades and we know what customer service should be, and you guys have nailed it. We have already processed three batches quite successfully through our new Blue Alpine freeze dryer. It is a complex system that can be run simply, thanks to their engineering. The shipment was packaged very professionally, delivered in a timely manner, with good documentation for ease of on-site assembly. Cory, and his brother Tim, are off to an incredible start, and we wish them all the success! If you are in the market for a freeze dryer, look nowhere else but Blue Alpine.

Jeremy and Micki Boberg
Go blue!

We are starting a company with freeze dried foods. After having only another brand and having issues time and again when purchasing out next freeze dryer we were looking for a different brand that ran more efficiently. A friend referred me to Blue Alpine.
1. The referral was much easier than I had experienced and I actually got a discount and she got money back as well.
2. The company was in contact with me and answered every question I had.
3. We received our shipment quickly.
4. Even though the box was damaged during shipping it was packed very well inside and we had no damage to our freeze dryer.
5. The setup was very easy.
6. It is simple to use and times are quicker then out other freeze dryers from a different company
7. It is easier to pick different modes than others on the market.

We have loved it so far and in the past week we have had we have already ran 6 batches of goodies in it.

Randy Marston
Medium Freeze Dryer

Beyond Happy with our purchase of the Blue Alpine medium freeze dryer. Easy to use, we have had great success with the batches we have done so far. Grilled Cheese sandwich bites are D-Lish! Customer service is A+. we highly recommend this company. Thank You!

L Warsing
Love my Blue...

Ran my first load of skittles. What fun. Trying some gummi candies next, then fresh peaches. Set up was easy. Watched the videos, which helped. Cory is very informative and friendly. Shipping company would not bring it in the house, so had to enlist friends to bring it in for us. We have a lot to learn, but will enjoy the journey. Named her Bonnie!!
Highly recommend this company.

M. Gillespie
Renewed My Trust in Freeze Dryers

Had purchased a competitor brand 2 years prior to Blue Alpine. Went through the horror stories and malfunctions just a year in. So happy to have found a company that's goal is to make freeze drying fun again, and not requiring customers to be technicians just to operate it.

The Blue Alpine staff worked with me to meet my specific needs, and the item was delivered, packed well, and robust in appearance. Love the extruded aluminum, attractive and easy to use interface, and barbed fitting connections. Renewed my excitement about freeze drying again.