Medium Freeze Dryer

Color: Black


Our Freeze Dryers Just Work Better! 

If you're interested in freeze drying and you want to purchase the highest quality freeze dryer for your home, you have come to the right place! A freeze dryer is a large purchase/investment, so we have included many details below to help. Every one of our machines comes with amazing customer service and support. Call now if you have any questions at 208-607-1722.


What is Included:

1x Medium Freeze Dryer 
1x Impulse Sealer
1x Premium Vacuum Pump + Oil
5x Stainless Steel Trays 
5x Silicone Mats 
50x Mylar Bags 
50x Oxygen Absorbers 
Lifetime of Good Customer Service!


Freeze Dry Candy Faster (Food Too)

Speed up your candy freeze-drying with the Blue Alpine Freeze Dryer! Users have the flexibility to set the pressure limit for each recipe. This lets the candy undergo the freeze-drying process at a significantly faster rate compared to other foods. With the Blue Alpine, you can freeze-dry Skittles in as little as a couple of hours! Additionally, our freeze dryer includes a distinctive "Candy Prewarm" feature designed specifically for certain hard candies like Jolly Ranchers, providing the extra heat needed to puff up and facilitate the freeze-drying process. Read more about freeze-drying candy in our blog post.



1 week build time once ordered but call for current lead times. 

We are actively working to reduce the lead time and our goal is to have a 1 to 2 day lead time by mid-2024.


What makes us Different:

Here at Blue Alpine, we are serious about three things: freeze dryers, quality, and customer service. We are never satisfied with the status quo and we push for improvement through researching, engineering, and testing.  

A lot of minor improvements add up to a huge difference in quality. Ultimately our machines are simply superior. 
  • 25% more cooling capacity, which translates to up to 25% faster batches.
  • Built In Idaho by technicians who hold themselves to a higher standard. 
  • A circulating fan inside the chamber blast-freezes the food, creating better quality food and faster freeze times. 
  • A P100 filter inside the chamber protects your vacuum pump from particulates, increasing the lifespan of the vacuum pump. 
  • The trays are a food industry standard size (quarter sheet pan, 9x13), so you can easily buy more pans from your local stores. 
  • Each machine goes through several hours of quality control tests to make sure every component of the machine is operating within normal parameters before it ships. 
  • Smart software utilizes PID control technology and solid-state relays to accurately freeze-dry your food.
  • We use a natural refrigerant (R1270) that is future-proof, unlike R404 or R410 which will be discontinued soon.
  • On our machine, all vacuum fittings are barbed fittings. We do not use crimped fittings which are prone to vacuum leaks. 
  • We use thread-locker to seal all threads. We do not use Teflon Tape which is also leak-prone. 
  • The frame of our machines is made with extruded aluminum and is incredibly durable.  
  • Recipes built into the software allow you to optimize your freeze-drying cycles. Candy, for example, can get done in about 2 hours. Fruit, on the other hand, takes about 6-18 hours depending on the load. 
  • The bottom tray has a higher wattage heating pad so the bottom tray stays the same temp as the rest. 
  • If we send out a bad machine we don't hide behind warranty fine print. We own our mistake and make it right. 


  • Overall Machine Size: 20" x 21" x 30", 110 lbs
  • Up to 15lbs of food per cycle
  • 5 trays (standard 9x13 inch)
  • Average freeze-drying cycles take 12-20 hours 
  • Candy Mode: 2-4 hours for most candies
  • Plexiglass Door Thickness: 1 inch
  • 120V, 15A Breaker (Normal Wall Outlet) 
  • 13 Amps Maximum Power Draw (1560W max)
  • 9.0 Amps Average Power Draw (1080W average)



  • Shipping for the lower 48 states is free 
  • For shipping to Alaska or Hawaii contact us for a quote 
  • For shipping to Canada or Mexico contact us for a quote 



  • 1-year full warranty
  • 3-year limited warranty  

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
David Fernandez
Excellent product and value

We have received our unit and very excited with the outstanding customer service and the Freeze dryer. We found the packaging to be very well done as well as the instructions and simplicity of installation and use of the system. We highly recommend anyone in the market for this type of appliance to compare side by side with the competition and you will be pleased to see the value of the Blue Alpine product.

Steve Wenger
Great piece of equipment

I got mine about a week ago and it has been running ever since. I find it processes the loads faster than I had hoped, is quite enough it can be in the next room and with the door closed you really don't hear it. Love mine!

Linda Weaver
No complaints here

I’m so impressed with everything about this machine and awesome customer service. Have run three batches so far with amazing results.

Carolyn R.

Received my machine less than a week ago and am loving it. The results are great. I’m constantly thinking of what my next load will be. I’m more than thrilled with this product. Totally amazed at the results and it is fun! I know it is an investment but so is food these days. With it the leftovers can be saved for years to come.
I tried the other brand and never was able to get it to even run the trial run. After trying many things to get it to work and much frustration it was returned and I began to look for a better product. After finding Blue Alpine I kept trying to talk myself out of buying but my husband kept pushing me to buy. Placed my order on Black Friday and have no regrets.
The machine was securely wrapped and no damage in shipping.
THANKS BLUE ALPINE I look forward to many more trouble free loads.

John Janway
New Freeze Dryer

Great well built product! Easy to use! Professional shipping and fantastic personal service! Highly recommend!!

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