Medium Freeze Dryer Trays (Set of 5)


Blue Alpine Stainless Steel Freeze Dryer Trays

Includes 5 quarter-sheet metal trays

Material: Stainless steel

Dimensions: 9" x 13" 


These trays fit perfectly in the medium Blue Alpine freeze dryer. Being stainless steel (304 SS), they are incredibly durable, long-lasting, and warp-resistant. 

Since these freeze dryer trays are standard-sized, replacements can be found online or in person at any retail store selling baking supplies. We suggest using silicone mats* with these metal trays to prevent food from sticking. Less cleaning, more freeze drying!

Why stainless steel trays for freeze drying?

Stainless steel cookware is incredibly durable. It can withstand high and low temperatures and should last for years with proper use and care. That's why stainless steel is the go-to option for freeze dryer trays.

These trays are included with any purchase of a Blue Alpine Freeze Dryer.

*silicone mats sold separately 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Janeese Cronin
Perfect for us

As of right now, all I have are positive results when dealing with Blue Alpine. The trays are no different. They are heavy duty, rolled edge and perfect size for us. I love having the extra trays to keep batches of food ready for the next run. Thank you.

Carolyn R.
Xtra trays

Happy again with my order from Blue Alpine. Thanks for being a great company.
Glad to have extra trays to be able to keep preparing food as a batch processes.

Linda Weaver
Nice trays

What can I say they’re a high quality tray. I really like them.


Heavy-duty, smooth and high quality!

Great Trays!

The trays and mats look great and are easy to clean. Plus it's awesome to have an extra set to have the next batch ready to load!

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