Large Freeze Dryer (Pre-Order Sale)


Expected Production Date

This is the pre-order sale for our large freeze dryers. We are still prototyping this product and should be able to fulfill orders in March-April of 2024. We are of course working as fast as we can to make this date earlier. Now that the process for the medium unit is in place it is a simple task to upsize everything. The largest challenge is the refrigeration  and electronics but we are making good progress on both. Pre-orders are now available for purchase at a lower price, so order now to save on your large freeze dryer!  Give us a call if you  have any questions. 208-607-1722



  • Double the size/capacity of the Medium model
  • Overall Machine Size: 24" x 25.5" x 34", 130 lbs
  • Up to 25lbs of food per cycle with 16lbs being a normal 24 hour cycle 
  • 5 trays.  13x18 standard cookie sheets
  • Average freeze-drying cycles take 12-20 hours 
  • 120V, 20A Breaker 
  • 17 Amps Maximum Power Draw (1560W max)
  • 12 Amps Average Power Draw (1080W average)
  • Chamber Diameter: 15.7 inches
  • Plexiglass Door Thickness: 1 inch
  • Cubigel Compressor (R1270) - 1/2 HP compressor with 14.3cc displacement (larger compressor = higher cooling capacity = faster batches). This is approximately 28-43% more cooling capacity than competitor brands.
  • 20-24 hour cycle time (compared to 48-72 hours for other brands)
  • Vacuum Pump: Premium Rotary Vane Style, 10-12 CFM, 1 HP

What makes us Different:

Here at Blue Alpine, we are serious about three things: freeze dryers, quality, and customer service. We have spent the last five years researching, engineering, and testing our freeze dryers to make them the highest quality possible. 

A lot of small improvements add up to a massive difference in quality and overall, a superior machine.
  • These are Built In Idaho with the highest quality components.  
  • Our refrigeration system uses Cubigel compressors, a trusted name brand with excellent quality and longevity.
  • More cooling capacity, which translates to faster batches.
  • A circulating fan inside the chamber blast-freezes the food, creating better quality food and faster freeze times. 
  • A P100 filter inside the chamber protects your vacuum pump from particulates, increasing the lifespan of the vacuum pump.
  • Smart software utilizes PID control technology and solid-state relays to freeze-dry your food accurately.
  • We use a natural refrigerant (R1270) that is future-proof, unlike R404 or R410 which will both be discontinued soon.
  • On our machine, all vacuum fittings are barbed fittings. We do not use crimped fittings which are prone to vacuum leaks. 
  • We use thread-locker to seal all threads. We do not use Teflon Tape which is also leak-prone. 
  • The frame of our machines is made with extruded aluminum and is incredibly durable.  
  • Recipes built into the software allow you to optimize your freeze-drying cycles. Candy, for example, can get done in about 2 hours. Fruit, on the other hand, takes about 6-18 hours depending on the load. 

What is Included:

1x Large Freeze Dryer 
1x Impulse Sealer
1x Premium Vacuum Pump + Oil
6x Stainless Steel Trays 
6x Silicone Mats 
50x Mylar Bags 
50x Oxygen Absorbers 
1x Good Customer Service!



1-year full warranty

3-year limited warranty  

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